gem elixirs

Opal Owl creates and offers pre-made gem elixirs as well as customized single note and blended elixirs for clients and customers.

What are Gem Elixirs?
Gem elixirs offer energetic support and  assist clients to maintain a specific frequency or vibration between sessions that supports the work they have done in a Crystal Resonance Therapy session. They are very helpful for clients who are undergoing major changes or who would like to focus on a specific energetic frequency and keep that work happening between sessions.

 We also offer several pre-made single note and blended elixirs that you can purchase from us directly if you are unable to come in for a session as well as Gem Elixirs for the bath and a purification spray to use on yourself or for cleaning and clearing your environment.  Even if you are not in Toronto we do also offer distance sessions that happen remotely.

Opal Owl's Elixirs:
The crystals we use to make Opal Owl elixirs are the same ones that are used in Crystal Resonance Therapy sessions with clients. By using the same stones we ensures that the specific energetic frequency needed is maintained from the session to the elixir. Each stone (even of the same type) has its own unique energetic signature, this has to do with the location of the stone, how it was collected and the exact balance within the its chemical make-up, so it is important to have this consistency. Using elixirs that are made with the stones your energy system is already attuned to is much more effective than using commercially purchased elixirs.

Opal Owl's elixirs are made in small batches by Leslie herself. She personally "charges"them energetically and for all custom blends she adds additional intentions and energies based on her clients specific needs. All of our elixirs are made without alcohol using an indirect method of preparation to ensure safety.

If you are interested in getting your own custom blended, pre-made or bath gem elixir, or would like more information please send us an email.