What to Expect in a Session

At the first session you will be asked to fill out a confidential intake form for my records including your contact information, a brief medical history, your experience with any energy healing modalities and any specific issues or work that you would like to focus on in our work together.

At the beginning of each session we will touch base to see where you are at in your life, how you are feeling and if there are any specific issues or goals you want to address during the session. From here you will lie down on the massage table fully clothed with your face up, and I will drape you with a sheet or blanket depending on the season. I will place an eye pillow over your eyes for relaxation and then leave you to relax for a few minutes as I leave the room to prepare for the session.

When I return to the room I will enter into your energy field slowly and begin with either laying my hands on your ankles or your shoulders to scan your energy field. Dependent upon the particular session I will move to various areas on your body and lay my hands on the area, then I may or may not lay stones on the area and place my hands over the stones to activate their energies. I won’t always utilize stones it will depend what is called for in any given situation.

After the stones are laid out I will position myself at your crown chakra with my hands resting on your heart chakra, I generally remain here for at least 20 minutes and I will bring you into resonance with the Primus energy, which is the optimum frequency for healing work, allowing you to be become fully resonant with the stones and their particular frequencies. During this time I may also lead you through a guided meditation if there is a particular issue we discussed at the beginning that could benefit from that. This would be something we decided at the beginning of the session.

After the 20 or so minutes I will begin by again placing my hands over top of the stones, then removing the stones and then placing my hands back on the location and do this with all of the stones on you until they are completely removed. The final step is removing any stones from your hands and removing the eye pillow. I will step out of the room for a few minutes while you relax and then we will check in and discuss the session. I will ask you what the experience was like for you if you had anything specific come up and I will tell you about the stones I used, any insights I has during the treatments and any recommendations of stones or elixirs to use between treatments.