Crystal Resonance Therapy

Crystal Resonance Therapy™ utilizes the natural energies of the earth, the electro-magnetic frequencies of crystals and minerals, and gentle guided meditation to achieve a harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit.

CRT™ is a non-invasive energy treatment modality that can assist you in identifying and exploring your physical, energetic and spiritual self.

Leslie Peters, your Crystal Resonance Therapist, acts as your guide and your toolbox as you assume your own power to heal, explore and balance all aspects of your being through this powerful energy treatment modality.
Lay back, relax, and enjoy as you are facilitated on an inner journey to balance and harmonize the energies of your physical and energetic bodies....

Crystal healing is an age old practice that has been utilized throughout the world. The practice of placing crystals and stones on the body to facilitate energetic harmony was the basis for the original development of gemstone jewelry and talismans.

Crystal Resonance Therapy™ takes crystal healing out of the realm of superstition and into the realm of science. It is based on aspects of both quantum and Newtonian physics; utilizing basic laws of energy movement and electromagnetism to effectively shift energetic blocks and patterns within the physical body and energetic field.

During a CRT™ session, crystals and stones, sound vibration, and other sources of energy are utilized to engage the client’s energy field and physical body in a state of resonance with the Earth’s natural electro-magnetic field.

The client experiences warmth, wellbeing, and a sense of release from limiting patterns and blockages. Often, clients report a sense of expanded connection to their spiritual guides and a sense of expanded consciousness.

Sessions include an intake, full energy system assessment and balancing, appropriate crystal or stone placement and guided meditation. If you have ever been interested in exploring crystal healing, you definitely should explore Crystal Resonance Therapy™.