About Leslie

Leslie Peters is an energy healer and artist who lives and works in Toronto.  She has been running Opal Owl since 2008. She is a trained Reiki Practitioner and a certified Crystal Resonance Therapist and attended the Ontario College Of Art and Design.

Prior to opening Opal Owl Leslie's career was centered on making experimental video art. She began her career as a video artist in the mid nineties and has exhibited her extensive body of videos and video installations  throughout the world.

For Leslie, the shift to working with energy as a tool for healing from her artistic work with video was natural. Both mediums or modalities are essentially about working with energy (of different kinds and frequencies). These  energies can be molded and manipulates in different ways to serve her clients (or the viewers of her video work). The parallels in her artistic practice and healing practice were quite astounding when these connection were clear!

Leslie's  healing practice is centered on intention and following her intuition. She channels the energies that are needed to support her clients through their healing processes. She is committed to empowering her clients, supporting and guiding each individual on their own unique journey. Leslie acts as a guide to connect people with their own inner truth and knowing, to find inner joy and unconditional love and to guide them through the many transitions of this world from life to death.