Leslie is a fine and dedicated healer with a most compassionate heart. In her presence one has the full of her attention which allows one to relax and receive her work with an open heart. Her work with the crystals and stones (CRT) is simply amazing! My experience continues unfolding even although my last session was weeks ago. As each layer of healing is revealed, I find my perspective continuing to shift taking me in deeper still to a more compassionate understanding of self and others. I am blessed to have received both” in person” and “distance” sessions with Leslie and I highly recommend both. Her abilities are not bound by time and space! 

I have visited several other hands-on healers before meeting Leslie, but have not had a healing experience before that could be so palpably felt. My body got really heated up under Leslie's hands, and the flow of energy was a literal experience, not a metaphysical concept. I felt very relaxed during the session, and felt a sense of trust that has much to do with Leslie's gentle and caring approach. I feel that my energy system has received a cleansing, and would like to work with Leslie into the future. The space where Leslie does her work has a nurturing energy, and it is pleasant to be there.
- S.R.

I've had a few reiki sessions with Leslie, and it's always a relaxing and healing experience.  She is really intuitive and empathic, and able to read what is going on for me.  She puts a tremendous amount of time, focus, and energy into each session.  I always feel great after seeing her, and walk away with some new insight into myself spiritually, emotionally, and energetically.